Adaptive BJJ Media is a video project created by Amazon Bestselling Author, Pedro Sauer Blue Belt, and triple amputee B Neil Brown. It is a place for Jiu-Jitsu media of all sorts, from seminars to belt testing. If you would like to purchase any videos for viewing, just register for an account and choose the video or series you prefer.

If you would like your seminar, "DVD" technique series, Tournament fight, or other event to be filmed please use the "Contact" page. Your video can be hosted here on this site, or packaged in a zip file for your own distribution.

Adaptive BJJ Techniques are geared toward the limb-different, amputee, and limited mobility crowd. Jiu-Jitsu as an art is about technique, skill, and timing – not strength, speed, and athleticism. A quick and strong athlete can excel in Jiu-Jitsu, but so can someone who is considered “disabled” provided they have the right technique and skill set.
And that is what Adaptive BJJ is all about. Providing you with the knowledge to be competitive on the mat, defend yourself if needed, build self-confidence, and get in better shape.