Video: Double leg sweep from the seat

So I spend a lot of time on my hind end on the mat, and really my only two options are my knees or my butt. I stay off my knees mostly because the ligaments and tendons that hold my knee/patella together are basically wrapped around and tied off.

I really don't want to be rolling and have a kneecap spin around!

So my options for sweeps are limited, I don't have feet to stand on, so I don't have a lot of leverage, and I am always looking for new and better ways to pull off a sweep from the seated position. I found an interesting sweep on youtube from Brandon Mullins, and he calls it a double leg butt sweep. This move comes from his training app, which you can find out more about here.

I like this technique because 1) I can start it from a seated position, and 2) It follows my own personal BJJ philosophy of keep it simple, keep it small. (KIS-KIS? I'll have to work on the acronym) Keep the move as simple as possible, and keep the movements as small as possible to avoid opening myself up to counters or attacks. Something very important who spends the majority of his time having to try submissions from a defensive position.

So the move itself is really a double leg, but it is started from the seat, with your sparring partner sitting back on his heels. If the opportunity presents, reach forward and grab on both sides right above knee level, then raise up on a knee and "bump" your opponent over by pulling at the knees and pushing with your head into the chest.

I think given the right circumstances I could pull this off with a few modifications, and the next time I am on the mat I will give it a try. Might even take some video so y'all can see what it takes for me and my trainer to modify moves to my use.

So, what do you think about this sweep in general? What advantages or disadvantages to an able-bodied BJJ player do you see?

Also, make sure to listen to the story he tells, it's a bit interesting and involves thumbs, a Japanese opponent, and the Yakuza. Yikes!